Unveiling the Latest iMovie App Update: New Features, Fixes and More

  • 30 August 2023

Apple Inc. has recently rolled out a new update for the widely used video editing application, iMovie. This update brings an array of enhancements, new features, and bug fixes aimed at improving user experience and delivering more refined video editing capabilities to iOS users. Here are the patch notes detailing all the changes brought by this exciting update.

New Features:

  1. Green Screen/Chroma Key Effect: One of the most anticipated features, the Green Screen effect or Chroma key effect, is now available on iMovie. This allows users to replace a video’s background with a digital or virtual backdrop.
  2. Picture-in-Picture Effect: Another exciting feature in this update is the picture-in-picture effect that allows users to overlay photos or videos over another video clip.
  3. Split Screen Effect: Users can now create a split-screen effect showing two videos side by side for creating more dynamic content.
  4. 80 New Soundtracks: The update also brings 80 new soundtracks across various genres like pop, chill, sentimental which automatically adjust to match the length of your movie.
  5. ClassKit Support: For educational institutions using Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs, teachers can now assign iMovie projects to students via ClassKit.


  1. Resolved an issue that could lead to blank media if iCloud Photo Library was turned off.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused some photos imported from iCloud Photo Library to display in low resolution.
  3. Fixed an issue where some filters would not apply correctly on videos imported from iCloud Photo Library.
  4. Resolved an issue where rotating a clip could result in it being displayed incorrectly.


  1. Improved performance and efficiency on iOS devices with 64-bit architecture.
  2. Enhanced user interface for easier navigation and smoother workflow.
  3. Optimized sharing options allowing users to share videos directly to other platforms like YouTube or Facebook in full resolution.
  4. Upgraded stabilization feature for smoother video playback.
  5. Enhanced color grading options providing advanced control over video aesthetics.

With these updated features and fixes, iMovie continues its evolution as one of the most comprehensive mobile editing apps available today for iOS users worldwide.

This new version of iMovie reinforces Apple's commitment towards providing top-notch tools for creative content generation while ensuring high-quality user experience at all times.

Remember that software updates not only bring new features but also provide necessary security patches that can protect your device from potential threats so updating your applications regularly is recommended for optimum performance.

Explore these brand-new features today by updating your app via our website if you haven't already done so! Enjoy creating captivating stories with enhanced control over your content with this latest iMovie update!

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